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Thread: Replacement key for oem cross bars?

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    Replacement key for oem cross bars?

    Title pretty much says it all. I have one cross bars on the roof of my 2011 SX4, and canít find the black plastic keys they came with to tighten them into the roof. I need to move them to attach a ski roof rack. Anyone know where to buy replacement keys for this?

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    Welcome John
    I don't have the bars myself, soI can not help you much.
    They usually have 2 keys?.

    Have tried Suzuki dealer?
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    Contact Mont Blanc, they are the manufacturer who supplied the Suzuki factory racks for the SX4.

    I had lost an aero bar end cap last year and contacted them directly. Super friendly customer service and they helped me get exactly what I needed for a great price!
    Shipping was understandably slow (from Sweden I think?) but the parts showed up no issues!

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