update on the issue of "the noise" that won't go away

This has haunted me for some time and everything I did either made a different sound or went away but only for a few days but always returned, but I think I've found a fix. First off, I bought a big *** nylock nut for the top strut mount which this lift should have come with as opposed to the normal nut. I tried loc-tite, (the blue stuff), before getting the nylock, and it didn't help. The nut would always loosen and if I tightened too much there would also be a rubbing noise. There's also no easy way to use the recommended torque specs as I don't have a tool to have the allen key held while tightening the nut. I don't think the stock torque spec would apply here anyway, torque spec is 36.5ft/lbs, but you are adding pieces to the strut and using a massive nut as opposed to the tiny one that is stock so I don't think the torque spec applies. All I did was use a fairly thick (1/8" or so) rubber washer between the washer and the strut plate. I had what looks like a bicycle handle grip lying around so I cut washers out of it. Once the nut was tightened, it compressed this rubber washer down and into the space between the plate and the bolt. This seemed to cushion and take the gap away which has solved the issue's I was having. I also sprayed white lithium grease into the top strut mount so lubricate between the urethane spacer and the vehicle. The weird thing is that I don't have to hold the put the allen key onto the driver side strut when I'm tightening but I do need to on the passenger side.