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Thread: Anyone try this lift kit from Russia?

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    Is there a way to get something stiffer for the rear? I really need more weight capacity. Eventually, I'd like to put a swing-away spare tire carrier on a custom rear bumper with integrated 2" receiver, and put a second fuel tank in the spare tire location.

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    Supposedly The Mad springs have stiffer rear rates, but you'll lose most of the up travel in the front with their 2" diesel coils. The petrol springs offer a little over 1" of lift, but they are the same price as the diesel springs which is around $400-500 USD.

    You could use a RRO rear lift in conjunction with the Euro springs for a 3" lift in the back.

    Or an air spring that fits inside of the rear coils.

    Not a lot of options for the platform.
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    I like the idea of using the euro springs. An extra 1 inch would be nice.
    I like the lift I already have with my kit but I feel like the front could be a little higher up. The rear already sit nice and high.

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    Is there anything required that does not come with the lift, like Camber Bolts? Shocks? What else?

    I am planning to install this lift with Euro springs in March.

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