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Thread: GUT CHECK: tie-rods, not DIE-rods...

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    GUT CHECK: tie-rods, not DIE-rods...

    First: no one responding has any legal responsibility for any actions I take, so please lemme know what you think of the below:

    Autoshop estimated $500 to replace tie-rod
    ...blah, blah, ChrisFix video...blah, blah, ScottyK video, DIY garage w/ technician assist = I CAN DO THIS!!?!!

    So I bought the full Moog kit @ ~$130 ... and then 10 minutes later spotted these fellas out of Kansas on eBay, AM-Autoparts, selling pretty much the same thing for 1/3 ($40)...

    These guys have sold 2.5M things, offer a 10 year warranty and tie-rods are simple tech we've used for centuries... & I'll compare them side-by-side (ha!) and ask the tech to do the same, but what do you think?

    Am I going to die because I installed these parts I bought off eBay instead of the national chain?

    full disclosure: I was in wholesale sales so I know wholesale = ~50% retail; wholesale = ~50% adj unit cost; I *THINK* I'm effectively buying tie-rods at super-low margin from a supplier I believe is the manufacturer, who has no marketing costs compared to Moog, so the money-math seems to compute
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    Apparently the cheapest rear hub assemblies for the SX4 have lasted the longest if you read this thread

    The ones I purchased were "made" BY BECH/ARNLEY and if I recall correctly, they came from China, just like the ones that looked identical at 50% the price. Left one already had to be replaced after 30,000 kilometers.

    Easy for companies to rebrand and sell at a premium.
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    Somethings I have ordered the cheap eBay stuff... but on inner Tie Rods... don't buy cheap! Get something quality. Ask me how I know... after 3 months the cheap inner tie rods started to rattle. You will be happy with Moog 30,000 miles from now

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    I got Moog inner tie rod. It seems to last.
    Just try not to change and wheel alignmrnt too often.
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