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Thread: 215/65 R16 Before I buy them

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    215/65 R16 Before I buy them

    Hi SX4 owners

    It's time to replace my tires from the stock size to something that will be a bit more off-road oriented. I've read all the threads regarding which tire size will fit a SX4 without a lift, and the 215/65 R16 is the biggest you can go if you don't have a lift. I will be buying the Yokohama Geolander G012, and I will be replacing the biscuit spare wheel with a Suzuki rim and tire as well. So before I pull the trigger and buy it, I just need to confirm the following:

    - With the 215/65 R16 there will not be any rubbing or turning problems?
    - The 215/65 R16 will fit in where the biscuit spare wheel went and go higher than the bottom board, but still be below the top board so that it will be covered and you can pact stuff on top of the board?

    Next year I will be doing a 3 week trip that will involve a lot of bad gravel road and some sandy roads, so I need something that can take a beating at lower air pressures. The Yokohama also gives great millage, so it seems like a good choice.

    This site has helped me a lot, and without all the information here I wouldn't have known what the SX4 is really capable of.


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    Short answer - Yes a 215/65/16 on factory rim fits in the spare area.

    I have my 215/65/16 spare in the area that the factory mini spare is designed to fit in. It is very very wedged in. The few times I have had to move it or remove it from the hatch area I basically have to pry it out. It has raised the carpet board about 3 inches. I also have the optional folding flat floor. There is still a few inches between the carpet board that covers the spare and the folding flat floor board.

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