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Thread: AC smells like a zoo when on

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    AC smells like a zoo when on

    2009 suzkuki SX4 hatch

    My AC is blowing warm. Recharged with refrigerant and it’s blowing cold but with a odor like what you smell animals at a zoo. After a few days it blows warm again. Leak? Where compressor, evap? Anyone had this before? Need help. Thanks

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    Try checking your cabin air filter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cashflow50 View Post
    2009 suzkuki SX4 hatch

    .. odor like what you smell animals at a zoo. After a few days it blows warm again..
    Leak....and as said, for odor, verify the cabin filter (behind glove box) mine proved to have been "found" by mouse (or mice) and perforated, signaling a possible intrusion farther down the system...and it smelled dead body for a while, but it got away after a few weeks, maybe body dried out or urine finally evaporated...

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    dang thats some nasty filter. how did that little critter get in there anyways.

    I dont really have tools or machine to deteck leaks. Where would i start? lIkely compressor?

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    For the AC leak you need to take it to a shop and get them to inject a dye into the AC system, the tech will run the system and use an UV light to see where the dye is leaking out that would be where your leak is.

    You should also check your compressor clutch to make sure it isn't starting to seize up, not running your AC system periodically will damage the system. If you have it.....use it.

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    Had same and then discovered the cabin filter. Replaced with a carbon version and far better airflow with no smells

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