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Thread: Trailer rims on a car

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    Trailer rims on a car

    Looking for possible rims for when I pick up the SX4. They don't make many offroad style rims that aren't 8 inches or wider and they would rub and weigh a lot. I came across these trailer rims that would fit if I put on some 79.5 to 60.1mm hubcentric rings. What do you guys think about these? 15 x 5.5 with a 0 offset and bolt pattern is 114.3.

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    Hubcentric rings are generally safe, although I prefer using wheels that actually fit without the need for rings.

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    That wheel will stick out 4.4cm compared to the factory wheel.

    If your SX4 is jacked up with an off road setup it might work, otherwise you'll have serious rubbing with your fenders while driving.

    8" wide wheels don't rub ALA you get wheels that have proper offset. I run a 17x8" +45 wheel on my SX4 in the summer it fits perfect.
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