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    Noob from nowhere

    Hey yall,
    I've been a long time lurker of the SX4 and I will purchase one in the next few weeks..... If I can find one around here. They are hard to come by in the South.

    Since my 2002 elantra finally died I will get my SX 4 and make it the ultimate commuter car. To me.. That means a lift kit so I can pop a curb and skip traffic along with a RRM turbo so I can zoom around traffic. I will document the build here and on my YouTube channel "creative mechanic". In looking forward to putting out some more content for this car. It has a surprising amount of aftermarket support/parts for a car that many (at least in my area) have never heard of.
    Any how I am very excited. My previous vehicles (before I had my beater elantra) were a 2006 ford explorer that I loved but it only got 17 mpg. Then I traded for a 2006 Saturn ion red line (25 mpg but needed 93 octane) it was fun but not much practicality. I'm hoping the SX4 will fill the niche between those two cars.

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    that sounds like a cool youtube channel, i would love to watch those videos for sure

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