Went to see the car the other day. Did not test drove The car is much bigger than SX4 and the RVR. The clearance is not very tall. Engine is kind of noisier when salesperson started it in cold. The inside dash, side door molding is bigger thsn needed. Only. Black seat is available. Kind of cheap looking to me. Turbo, exhaust etc is at the side close to firewall..bad to do repair. Alternator is easy to access. Like the knee airbag The top level trim got look ahead popup. Canzt get keyless unless top trim..killed my deal. Got s-awc that I like. Not sure what kind of muffler joint, but I hate the flex with mesh outside as these don't last. The sway bar is about dame size as SX4 but there is factory strut tower brace. Starter is visible in front. Good. The control arm seems skinner than SX4.