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Thread: Door lock/unlock problem!!

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    Exclamation Door lock/unlock problem!!

    Hello cracking humans,

    I have a small problem with my '09 SX4 AWD Hatch. I searched a lot on the forum but could not find any related threads.

    When it is cold outside, my driver door's sensor does not seem to work well because the dome light does not come on when opening the door and the car won't lock when I get out and close the front driver door. Also, when I shut the car off and open the door while the keys are in the ignition, I don't get the usual chime noise.

    I need to open and close another door and then, the car will lock.

    Has anyone had this happen to their car?


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    It is a bit of an old thread, but all the symptoms suggest an issue with the door switch which is... I guess I don't know where it is on the SX4. It could be in the handle or in the door jamb. In either case, a malfunctioning switch will cause the symptoms of which you describe.

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