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Thread: I photoshoped some nice rims!

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    I photoshoped some nice rims!

    I love the look of the SX4 it have simple design that does not get old.
    I made some tests with new rims and I think the car look great.

    Where can I get rims that will fit on my SX4 with the same bolt patterns?


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    1. please don't call them "rims"
    2. the bolt pattern is 5x114.3
    3. is a good place to start

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    Sorry, had to!

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    Don't like any of them, sorry.

    There's a thread on the top of this section with pics of people that added alum. wheels to their cars did you look there?

    You can also search my username last year I did 2 sets of alloy wheels (Motegi and Konig) on my SX4 and I also have a couple videos done also.


    edit: page 2 title "Let's see your custom wheels" *start there*
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    I'm french alloy wheel or rims I get the difference now. But in french it's less obvious.

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    Google is your friend to find the available wheels for your car. Local wheel shops can help you also.

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