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Thread: driving awd as a fwd only - no prop shaft - can you do that

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    Quote Originally Posted by habber View Post
    .. a friend of the family who does mechanical stuff... was able to find the differential .. so I said go ahead. .
    DO not forget to report results...
    2011 sx4 JX AWD CVT 32000km Also drives 2015 KIA Sorento AWD 2.4

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    $500 total seems more reasonable. I read up there in the posts 500 labor? seriously? One can swap the whole diff unit in roughly 20 minutes, you don't even need to remove any wheels!
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    drove the sx4 home- had the rear brakes done as well as the new differential installed. $600 total. ($225 if only 2whl or $500 4whl)

    Drove about 60 miles home and all seems back to normal.

    Going for 300,000 now! Thanks to all

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