I completed my 5k and 10K race yesterday and today at Walt Disney World. I am here to do the Dopey Challenge. I am half way there but tomorrow and Sunday are the "real" races that count for me and I need to complete those to complete the Goofy (which is finishing a half and full marathon on 2 consecutive days). Completing all 4 races on all 4 days and you just did the Dopey Challenge.

I had done a Goofy race 5 years ago here in WD, so this is the next step.

When you complete a race you get medals. I've already collected my 5k and 10k medals so I am going for the half and full marathon medals which earns you 2 more medals. After completing them you get an additional 2 medals to give you 6 medals of bling to wear around your neck.

The medals are shown here:


Resting up and loading up on pasta and water to get ready for the next 2 days.