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Thread: How to: Disable DRLs

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    Dude, you can cut ANY wire - it may not be the correct one, but you can cut it anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Shadow View Post
    The "Headlight Always ON" was a feature added to motor cycles years ago, as a safety measure. There's NO WAY I'd ever disable mine.
    Yes, raising the Emergency Brake handle to the first click also turns them off. That's neat if you're parking with your sweetie and you don't want your headlights on. Eh?

    I was looking at that green n white wire sitting there looking all bare and lonely and it just looked like an ideal spot for a toggle switch.
    Did anyone else see that?

    Cheers mates!
    did you put in the toggle switch? how would you go by installing that?

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    I did DRL delete mode it was as simple as it gets. No wire cutting was required.
    How hard can it be?

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    if nothing else everyone should do this just to extend the life of their bulbs. I did it also because I was putting in HIDs
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    Reviving this old thread. Anybody have a link on how to relay the DRL's to the fog lights?
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