I just finished replacing the alternator on my 2011 SX4 Hatchback (Canadian Edition) and wanted to add a few pointers to others who may have to do the same.

I have downloaded the SX4 shop manual and was following that when I found out that the serpentine belt/pulley arrangement is different in my car. The manual identifies the idler closest to the alternator as the tensioner, and says to turn the bolt clockwise to release the tension. On my car this is actually a stationary idler, and turning the nut further clockwise simply snaps the idler mounting stud off in the block. With this pulley on the floor, the belt comes off no problem. However, it is difficult to reinstall the belt after the job is complete because it does not go on the same as illustrated in the manual. I figured it out and did up a sketch in case you find yourself in the same situation.
Suzuki SX4 Serp Belt Arrangement.pdf
Just a couple of notes for any brave souls who try this -

1) Yes you should remove the air box, throttle body and intake as suggested. Gumby or the Rubber Man may get the bolts out, but removing the alternator without the intake manifold out of the way is probably impossible unless you remove the drive shaft (right)

2) The thread on two of the bolt holes galled up bad on removal. Had to find a M10 - 1.25 Tap to chase the threads (not an easy one to find).

3) I drained the Coolant as suggested, but I don't think I needed to. I didn't disconnect any coolant lines - just moved the throttle body off to the side enough to access the alternator.

Once it was apart and everything was cleaned up (and I figured out the serpentine belt routing) reinstallation and reassembly was a piece of cake. - I have a hoist, and would not like to try this without one - (old retired guy who doesn't bend as well as I used to )

This job is not as daunting as it seems if you take your time and have a bit of technical skill.

Good Luck