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Thread: Installing K-Sports coilovers soon

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    Installing K-Sports coilovers soon

    Can anyone tell me where to find replacement rear shock bushings? The Ksports say to reuse the stock bushings but after 100k+ miles, I'd like to replaced them. Tried ordering new OEM from 2 sources and both were cancelled because of backorder status. (I'm in the US).

    Would also love info on the length of the stock struts and shocks so I can start my install with the Ksports set as close to stock as possible. Adjust it from there.

    thanks for any help

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    i used the k sports and with the coilovers extended all the way it was still very low

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    Part No. CSU090-KP is able to be set to the stock length or a bit longer. Unfortunately I ran out of non-snow covered ground before I got to this project. Took it to my mechanic and he was installing today but discovered that the stock sway bar end links are about 2 inches too long.

    Anyone heard of this and have a part number for a sway bar end link that fits?


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    It looks like you have the Kontrol Pro version of the KSport coilovers. I have the Version RR and the stock sway bar end links work fine. You shouldn't need different sway bar end links.

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