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Thread: ABS and ESP lights stays on, check fuses

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    Post ABS and ESP lights stays on, check fuses

    Hi Everyone

    Thought I would share this. A few months ago I rented a trailer to help someone move. It was a heavy load and while driving my ABS and ESP light came on. It stayed on afterwards, so I looked online for a solution or more information of how to fix it. I couldn't find anything, so I decided to take it to the dealership. They plugged the ECU in to find out what is wrong, and about half an hour later they found the problem. The fuse for my brake lights were blown. The trailers' plug must have been faulty, and caused the fuse for my brakes to blow. Apparently the ABS system is connected to the brake lights, so if the lights are not working, the ABS system will also not work.

    A stupid fuse that I could have replaced myself now cost me about 60 dollar to fix. So if your ABS and ESP lights comes on, remember to check your fuses.

    I hope this information can help someone else.


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    It might be worth mentioning that when hook up trailer brake wiring to a Japanese car you must use a diode adapter. The wiring on your Suzuki is reverse positive ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zukiuki View Post
    The wiring on your Suzuki is reverse positive ground.
    Wrong. Is it negative ground.
    WHat is unusual though is that headlights are turned ON from the ground(negative) side.
    Tail lights are normally grounded (to the negative..) though and turned on from the positive side,
    A diode array is necessary to convert the 3 lamp tails (position, brake and flasher on each side) to 2 lamp trailer.
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