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Thread: Blue Driver / all politics aside!

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    Cool Blue Driver / all politics aside!

    Anyone else playing with a blue driver off Amazon with their SX ?

    Kinda cool shows assembly plant and all kinds of stuff!

    The ABSOLUTE BEST car under $20K with AWD any where in Rome!

    Now "Mighty Mouse" runs like a Dothriki Whore, on horse heart 1$ night!"

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    just another useless OBD2 gimmick. any good OBD2 reader will tell you a lot of info in mode 0x06 and 0x09. as for the assembly plant, it's encoded in the VIN, which can be read via mode 0x09. generic code readers are just that, "generic". some have better implementation than others, but in the end, a real good scantool doesn't run for $5k+ for fun. OBD2 stuff can only address emissions related DTCs. any other trouble code that's not emissions related will be missed by a OBD reader.
    former Suzuki Gold Master Tech

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