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Thread: How to: Change headlight bulbs - With pictures

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    How to: Change headlight bulbs - With pictures

    One of the first ever 'How to's'!

    Original Thread here:

    Quote Originally Posted by cybojanek
    I recently got these xenon bulbs for free from my friend.
    In the manual, it says the front lights are HB5, but they're also called 9007.
    It goes without saying that you should always take precautions when handling car bulbs, because the oils from your fingers can degrade the bulb and lower its lifespan.
    Although the bulb looks blue, its 90% white, and only 10% blue. I think the result looks very good without being ostentatious.

    Make sure your car has been parked for a while, so that the bulbs have cooled down.
    Open the hood and look to one of the sides (the picture is of the left side, when looking into the hood). Find the socket, and turn the white plastic (ccw) to release the bulb. CAREFULLY pull out the bulb - watch out because the cable is very short. Navigate the bulb into a comfortable position.

    This is what the bulb assembly will look like. I took the picture afterwards, so pretend this is the stock bulb

    Now here's the difficult part. If you look at the harness, there will be a tab saying "PUSH". I tried pushing down on it, but it wouldn't unhook, so I had to pry it upwards. Slowly move the bulb out, moving the tab over the ridge on the bulb (as seen in picture 1) and replace it with the new one. Navigate it back in place, making sure the bulb is in the right orientation (cables veritcally down), and rotate the white plastic (cw) into place.
    Do the same for the other side and test to see if they work.

    Good Luck!!
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    Fixed link to another page

    Quote Originally Posted by Audiopudding View Post
    One of the first ever 'How to's'!

    Original Thread here:
    Since the above link is dead here is another guide.

    For replacement of headlight bulb you can follow the guide linked below.
    Itīs not an SX4 but the headlights are more or less the same down to the exact same rubber bushing covering the back of the headlight lamp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SX42010 View Post
    Since the above link is dead here is another guide.
    The query is dead too - November 24th, 2010
    SX4 4x4 Special Edition, petrol 1.6 VVT 88 kW, 5 speed manual, year 2014 (I don't have an S-cross).
    I'm sorry. I do not understand English.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milan View Post
    The query is dead too - November 24th, 2010

    People still need to change headlight bulbs, so will search the subject on the forum.

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    I tried to follow the above instructions. They all failed in one manner or another, and did not take into consideration difficulties encountered. So, I wrote my own instructions to print and store in the car with the extra bulbs. "Right" and "Left" are your and the car's right/left when you are sitting in the car facing the engine. "Driver side" is either right or left depending on your country.

    HeadLight Bulb Replacement (link below will show every bulb in any car)
    In the manual, it says the front lights are HB5, but they're also called 9007. 65/55w LL. Factory is a high-low dual filament bulb.

    The presumption of this post is that only headlight(s) are not functioning and that everything else in the car works. Also presumed is that the car has not been in an accident and that the plugs for the lights are actually plugged in. If you are not sure about the quality of the connections, then remove, inspect for corrosion, then reinsert the plugs, try the lights again. On very rare occasions plugs have been known to work loose or simply get corroded up. See H1. H2. H3. below for the actual steps.

    Identify which lights are malfunctioning. Typically you make the initial check by turning the light switch to "ON" and flicking the light stick from High to Low beam. If you park the car closely facing a wall you can watch the reflection even in the daytime without getting out of the car. If a headlight works on one of those settings, it is the bulb, not the fuse for that light. If both high/low don’t work but when you remove the bulb and the filaments look intact it is likely that the cause is a blown fuse (#15=Left #16=Right) in the engine compartment and not a blown bulb. But it is better to check both possibilities nevertheless.
    [ ] One light works only on one setting: replace bulb on that side and expect to replace the other bulb soon.
    [ ] Two lights work only on one setting: replace both bulbs.
    [ ] One light does not work on either setting: First check fuse for that light. Replace fuse or blub or both, whichever is blown.
    [ ] Two lights do not work on either setting, but car will start, it is probably time for a professional check of lighting wire harness. Most likely your car will have blown both #15 & #16 fuses, indicating a serious short in the wiring harness. Check both fuses. If not blown, replace both bulbs. If still no light, seek professional assistance.

    How to replace a bulb (Do not touch the glass of any bulb - your fingerprint will cause early lamp failure):

    H1. Make sure your car has been parked, off, for a while, so that the bulbs and engine parts have cooled down.

    H2. Open the hood and look to the side with blown light. Bulbs are almost under the fender line, closest to the top of the headlight assembly, the larger connector.

    H3. Disconnect the headlamp connector from behind the headlamp by pushing down on the spring-action release and pulling on the connector (not the wires, just the black connector). This connector has a bump on the bottom of the finger that sticks into the overall housing. Squeezing the raised spring is supposed to lift the tab, but it does not always work that way in real life. You might have to pull very hard to remove the connector. Do not pull on the wires! The connector wires will droop down towards the ground. NOTE 1: On the right side there might be a wire harness that is mounted to the body that blocks easy removal of the connector. This will have to be gently lifted and moved to allow the headlamp connector to be fully removed. First get the connector loose, then make room. Do not attempt to remove the harness from the body, just find an easy way to temporarily make room. You will have to similarly make room when reconnecting the connector.

    H4. Turn the white or black plastic locking ring that has three wings for finger/thumb pressure. Turn counter-clockwise, like removing a jar lid, to release the pressure holding the bulb into the socket. NOTE 2: If the lamp has never been changed, the locking ring will be extra tight. It only turns about 15 degrees, but it contributes considerable force when locked. NOTE 3: DO NOT DROP THE LOCKING RING. It will fall into an inaccessable spot requiring the removal of the lower dust shields! Major bummer.

    H5. CAREFULLY pull out the bulb - Pull by holding its socket base. Never touch the lamp's glass. You might have to "wiggle" the lamp a bit, because there is an O-ring that snugs the lamp into the housing, and this can seal itself in.

    H6. Look at the bulb filaments, verifying the bulb is "blown". You should see one of the filaments has blown open like a bad fuse. If not, then you maybe should have been checking the #15 or #16 fuse, not the lamp.

    H7. Push the new bulb into the headlamp housing, taking care that the grooves match. It will only fit in properly if it is inserted correctly, which is with the flat side of the prong receptacle up. Also, you have to "seat" the bulb fully so its rubber O-ring tucks into the lamp housing. This might take a bit of "encouragement", but do not fight a mis-aligned insertion.

    H8. Rescrew the locking ring around the bulb to hold it in place securely. Note that the locking ring should turn about 15deg and lock into place. The bulb will not be "wiggly" when properly seated.

    H9. Replace the headlamp connector and check to see if the headlights are working. The connector wires will droop down towards the ground. On the right side there might be a wire harness that is mounted to the body. This will have to be gently lifted and moved to allow the headlamp connector to be fully reconnected. Do not attempt to remove the harness from the body, just find an easy way to temporarily make room.

    C1. It is rare for a bulb to blow both hi/low filaments.
    C2. Keep in mind that when one filament blows there is a sudden surge to the other bulb. It is not suppose to be that way, but it happens. Sometimes the other bulb blows out right away, sometimes it takes a week or two for the other to go out. But when one bulb goes you should count on the other going out very soon.
    C3. Some drivers in the city are not aware that one light has blown out, and only notice a "problem" when the second one goes. They might only drive during the day, never turn on night lights. This is a case when testing for highs and lows helps to determine what exactly is the source of the problem.
    C4. The time to mess about with your headlights is when you don't need to. Get in there and pull out both, put them back in. The first time will be a bear, the second a breeze. Learn where #15 & #16 fuses are. Keep two 9007 bulbs and one 15A fuse in your spares kit in the hatch. Late at night on a long weekend in the woods when your lights blow, repair will be a snap.

    ========= KNOWN TO WORK FOR 2007 ========================
    Application Part #
    Back Up Light Bulb 7440
    Brake Light Bulb 7443
    Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb 2825
    Dome Light Bulb DE3175
    Headlight Bulb High/Low Beam 9007
    License Light Bulb 168
    Map Light Bulb 175
    Side Marker Light Bulb Front 2825
    Side Marker Light Bulb Rear 2825
    Tail Light Bulb 7443
    Trunk or Cargo Area Light 2825
    Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear 7440A
    Turn Signal Light Bulb Front 7440A
    Fog Light Bulb Front H11
    Parking Light Bulb 2825


    9007/HB5 Headlight L/R Factory OEM are "Halogen/3800k".
    NOTE 9007 bulbs are referenced by sellers as "LED", "HID", "XENON", & "HALOGEN". They also come in different brightness and different colors.
    NOTE If you want "yellower" for snow driving, get 3000k. If you want "whiter" for summer driving, get 4800k. Lamps above 4800k will look "white-blue".
    NOTE Xenons are Halogens with extra brightness & shorter life, but typically not as bright as HIDs. Technically, HIDs are for off-road only.
    NOTE Xenon will directly replace factory, but HID and LED lamps typically require some sort of additional compensating ballasts in the circuit.

    7443 Tail Light, Brake Light
    7440A Turn F/R (amber light)
    7440 Backup
    DE3175 Dome

    (the following can be physically interchanged in a pinch, but their wattage output are different)
    2825 Parking, Cargo Area, Side Markers, Center High Stop
    168 License (both sides)
    175 Map L/R
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    I'm a new member. Need Help? Just purchased this Suzuki. Want to replace the headlight bulb of my 2009 Suzuki SX4 Base Trim Sedan. I need help with disconnecting the headlamp connector from the headlamp (referring to your note H3). Will WD40 help with lubricating the spring and the tab while I squeeze and pull out the connector. Thnx so much.

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