My old one got damaged and I am wondering if someone here in this region of the world can check at a Suzuki dealer in your area to see if it is possible to still get one.

My car is a 2010 SX4 Crossover but deflectors from 2007-up to 2013 should be the same.

As some of you know Suzuki has pulled out of the North American market and it's next to impossible to find stuff for the car, since they are still around in your region of the world it might be possible that items might still be avail.

My hood deflector has a part # of 990B0-33007 (smoked one) or 990B0-33017-CBN (carbon version) and it is stamped "made in Australia" on it so I think it should still be avail from Suzuki elsewhere in the world.

If someone can check at their dealer and PM me the info I can get in touch with them and get one ordered up and shipped from them.

Appreciate it in advance.