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Thread: 2007 SX4 great condition but no motor

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    I also have an engine available... J20a with 182k

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    The ABSOLUTE BEST car under $20K with AWD any where in Rome!

    Now "Mighty Mouse" runs like a Dothriki Whore, on horse heart 1$ night!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vs29h0b View Post
    For those that may be in need of an SX4 engine swap in good condition, there is a wrecked SX4 on the Baltimore C/L with a good engine / tranny and many other good parts for $400.
    UPDATE on the wrecked SX4 engine and tranny for sale on craigslist - Still available, the car has 97,000 miles shown on the odometer, engine is well maintained and excellent condition for $400 or best offer - GREAT deal ....

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