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Thread: Waze traffic app for commute into Jersey

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    Thumbs up Waze traffic app for commute into Jersey

    So I started using waze recently. Originally when I tried it a year ago didn't get much use since I'm in a rural part of PA. But I turn this thing on once I get into jersey and its essentially like playing GTA on my morning commute (as far as knowing where all upcoming cops are). Also have the radar detec for extra orientation.

    I guess since I'm traveling with the morning such theres plenty of users giving more feedback more frequently. All i have to say is I'm very thankful because I like to speed to work. What can I say.

    Anyone else in north jersey using this? Give a shout out.

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    my commute's all rural, so I still have to rely on people flashing their brights
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    i commute in north NJ but its mostly thru the woods

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    I used to commute from PA to Morristown and had Waze for a bit. I used it more to keep track of where my fellow co-workers were in terms of our commute along route 10. It was like a little race to work! I've traveled along route 80 from PA to NJ since 2003 (Hackensack / Morristown / Hackettstown) and am pretty familiar with where all the state troopers hang out. Plus now that I work in Hackettstown and commute with my SX4, I'm happy chugging along in the slow lane doing 70! 😋

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    I love Waze! I actually prefer it almost every time over Google. Not only is it great at detecting cops but it is a life savor for avoiding traffic and accidents. Althought I know Google acquired them not too long ago, so I have a feeling that Google Maps is going to start looking a lot more like Waze.

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