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    (Pics) Another NC member Meet Zippy

    Hello everyone, my name is Daniel and this is my intro into your forums. I live about 45min outside of Charlotte and Concord, and ever since I was young cars have been a part of my life.

    As of right now I am in Montreál on a short vacation with my girlfriend visiting her family. I mention this because this is the place that involves me in the Suzuki world now. Before one of my visits here, I had never heard of a Suzuki SX4. One year ago, driving around the city in the winter and noticing the AWD badge on someone's sx4 I thought, "huh that's a neat looking car, but I bet it just comes auto like the AWD Aerio." So after a little positive research I added it to the list of cars that interest me in owning. There are so so many sx4 hatches here in Montreál, that and the Volkswagen golfs and various Audis are the majority of what's on the road. Being a NC guy I can only assume they like these cars for their awd, hell, yesterday I randomly saw three different rust bucket rallyart lancers, something I never see back home. And for a car I have never heard of before there sure are a lot of them here in Montreál I see at least one or two hatch sx4 every time we go out. There's probably 100 of them on the island.

    As I was saying I have been around automobiles since I was very little. My father and his father were both car guys. My father kept me around the garage most of my childhood as he has his dealers license and in his free time he thoroughly enjoys buying, fixing and selling salvage vehicles. (As of right now I believe he is a little deep into it last time I counted he had over 40 cars he's purchased to fix..) I understand him though, it is difficult to pass up a good project car that can turn into good profit but my problem is I like to buy project cars I like and keep them not sell them.

    Which is why I am now the proud owner of a blue 2007 Sx4 m/t hatch affectionately named by the previous owners: "Zippy", though I despise the name it stuck. I picked it up one afternoon for 600$ it has a blown motor, The previous owners bought it new and put well over 100k miles on it before it starved for oil or lost oil pressure or whatever happened that made the engine sound like a metal tool box full of wrenches bouncing around under the hood. The oil was nasty and metallic filled and there was a hole in the oil pan. But that didn't stop me from driving it up on the trailer. I will have to admit, my first impression started negative figuring out how the annoying key worked was the hardest part because I couldn't get it out of the ignition (face palm).

    Next step was finding a good donor car for the heart transplant.

    So when a properly wrecked 08 in the front fwd m/t hatch sx4 popped up in the insurance auctions that had decent miles on it, 375$ winning bid+buyers fees+transport gas= about 550$, and it has everything I needed, including matching nicer interior (my driver seat was pretty worn). So it was named "Crippy" due to its inability to move (broke a axle in the wreck). I pulled the motor and trans out of it so far and next will be to swap the seats and maybe the carpet into mine. Crippy also has a perfect back half from front doors back and nice wheels and tires.

    As soon as I run across another sx4 hatch car that is hit in the rear the rest of the Crippy will be used to fix it and that will probably be a car to sell and that way I can receive a excellent return on my investment and have even less in my car. (Unless I find another awd m/t car, which then will make it difficult to sell, I'm not against having two of something) That is a little salvage rebuild tactic I've been involved with numerous times. Probably why my father has ended up with so many fixer cars, buy one to fix two=3 cars and produce the highest possible profit with minimal waste.

    Now my plan is to keep the car long term and make it faster and better handling. I have been a huge fan of awd turbo cars since back in high school when one of my friends brought his dad's 2006 evo and we took it on a little joy ride. It was pushing 29psi at one point in one of our pulls.. I was hooked.

    I know the drivetrain will not hold up to that amount of power in the sx4 but I know what it takes to get it to 300whp and that will be my long term goal for the car. I will keep my eyes out for another j20a that I can rebuild while I'm in playing around with the car. And as far as exterior goes, I have a set of enki rs7 18s for the car and I want it lowered slightly and the wrc esthetics are definitely where it's at, I'll leave it at that for now with the car and I guess the rest you'll have to wait and see.

    My other cars right now are a 07 (pics below)Hyundai tiburon I leave stock because it's my daily and I also have a 87 Fiero gt(yes I'm one of those psycho Fiero madmen) that I have built a 4.8 ls for it that will go into the back of it with a little luck this summer it will be finished. I have a '88 Fiero SE that I used for parts, to rebuild my
    '87 after I had a accident... But it's all more then good now and I am using the rest of the '88 car's suspension to go under my car and modifying it so I can drop front cradle and back cradle and keep my car on the road as it is as long as possible, this also minimizes the time the '87 car will be off the road during the swap. So far it's only got the rear coilovers on the 87 but the new suspensions has front drop spindles and lowering balljoints drill and slotted rotors, will wood calipers, full Polly bushings in front and rear cradle, c4 brake booster. I will pair the ls to a 4t65e hd. I plan on the motor blowing up, that's why I went ls, the truck motors are so plentiful I have 2 extras. Later I want a turbo back there also, it's going to be a strait line car anyways. So radials and in the trunk I've developed a air to water intercooler setup to still keep half my trunk space. But for now getting the sx4 back on the road has taken center stage but if anyone has any questions about that build feel free to ask! A sx4 huh let's see where this leads. I'll start a build thread when I return to the states this coming week. Thanks and a pat on the back to those of you who made it this far in all my rambling!

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    Not going to ask about the a** lube. ( 0_ o)

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    (Pics) Another NC member Meet Zippy

    Quote Originally Posted by GlitchWitch View Post
    Not going to ask about the a** lube. ( 0_ o)
    look close it's got black electrical tape over the name, it's assembly lube lol.. a shop gag ..
    That is some really good stuff. Only stuff I use when I'm doing a rolling assembly.

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    I just bought a white 2008 SX4 awd, plan on lift, 215/70R16 tires, skid plate, trailer hitch modified to a 2" receiver, and maybe those RRO side rails

    I live in Denver NC (Lake Norman) so we are not far apart

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    (Pics) Another NC member Meet Zippy

    Car is done sorry for no updates in between travel, school, work, and this piece project I stay very busy! Final product pics coming soon!

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    We shoe horned a 350 into a 88 Feiro back in the day, she was a screamer between trannys!
    The ABSOLUTE BEST car under $20K with AWD any where in Rome!

    Now "Mighty Mouse" runs like a Dothriki Whore, on horse heart 1$ night!"

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