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Thread: Erratic idle issue

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    Thnx for the response. Vacuum lines look fine. No noises.
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    What about engine and transmission mounts? There are anti-vibration weights on all the mounts on our cars IIRC- maybe with age the mounts aren't damping as they did when new. Perhaps check the manual for an inspection procedure.

    Another possibility with it being an engine running condition, maybe try switching fuel brands for a few tank fills?

    My sedan fwd seemed to pick up a heavier vibration at idle over my time of owning it. It is also a 5MT car so I imagine the mounts work a bit harder than an automatic's would. Even so, ten years or close to it is a long time for rubber to heat cycle, remain stressed and be bathed in engine fumes, so that's where I'd put my first guess.

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