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Thread: Pics of 2010 Euro SX4's

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    Pics of 2010 Euro SX4's

    I've been reading on a site that has info on wheel/tire sizes on SX4 in different parts of the world. It told me that certain EU models come OE with a 215/50/17 tire on a 17x7.5" +38 wheel.

    Does anyone here have a car with those wheels and tires on them OE from Suzuki? If you do are you able to post up a pic or two so I can see how they look on the car? That would be great. TIA.

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    Hi, they did a few 17s and one 18. r18.jpgr17.jpg I am unsure of the offsets. pic1.jpg

    205/50/17 on 7j wide rim
    215/45/18 on 7.5j wide rim
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