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Thread: Connecting 2 subwoofers

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    Connecting 2 subwoofers

    I'd like to start out by saying I'm new to the sx4 but in recent months have learned A LOT about it after having to take the entire front end apart and swapping the motor and transmission, but that's for another topic.

    Anyways, I ended up with another car exactly the same as the first one I bought and I decided I wanted to take the subwoofer out of the parts car and put it under the passenger seat in the one I'd be using. So I spliced into the wiring loom for the one under the drivers seat and voila, connected.
    But the problem is the one under the passenger seat isn't pumping very hard, or at all really for that matter. If you put your hand on it you can barely feel the base.
    Am I drawing too much current from the same wire? I'm guessing the wire needs to be a thicker guage or I have to find another power supply wire for it.


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    I want connect my oem sub too but I did not see a wire for the subwoofer. My car initially did not come with a sub woofer and I'm starting to second guess the fact that there is a 8 pin female connector hidden near the center console.... I reached in there the max I could without having to have to take my seat out....
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    Single coil or dual coil subs? maybe you have your wires backwards which would cause that sub to pull rather than push. You should make a wiring diagram.

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    The resistance is incompatible between the two woofers you're using, you should either choose to run them in a series instead of parallel with a ohm resistor for the secondary woofer or remove stock one as they usually have an unusual resistance like 2ohm or 0.25ohm vs the standard 4/6/8ohm for aftermarket woofers.

    you'll know if the wire you're using is too narrow of a gauge if it starts to feel warm after playing your music loud after awhile.

    an inline capacitor would do wonders for the circuit as well, they're pretty cheap and some are super awesome looking not to mention they take a lot of stress and demand off the rest of the vehicles electrical system keeping you from having a variety of electrical and ECU issues down the road.

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