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Thread: SOLVED! 2013 Suzuki Garmin Infotainment Unit in bootloop/bricked state

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    Exclamation SOLVED! 2013 Suzuki Garmin Infotainment Unit in bootloop/bricked state

    I randomly have had my Garmin Infotainment unit reset once in a while (maybe once every few thousand miles). Usually its no big deal, it will come back up on its own or worst case ask for the screen touch calibration step before recovering.

    However a few days back, my unit really got in a bad state and would boot loop (just display the car outline logo and consistently reset). In this mode, I couldn't even create a recovery SD card to update the firmware.
    Luckily I came across a few very helpful threads on this issue:

    Following the instructions, I formatted a 16GB class 10 UHS sd card, downloaded the 3.9 version of the firmware directly from ( and placed it into a folder named "Garmin" on the SD card.
    Then inserted the card, powered on the ignition to acc and powered the unit on, pressed the voice command button and placed my finger in the top left of the screen until the "loading software" message appeared and then released the buttons. Waited for a good 5-10 minutes, and sure enough after 1-2 boots after that the unit powered back on to a stable state.

    Now, for those who have working units I suggest the following for good measure:
    1. Insert a spare formatted SD card (I think it should be 8GB+ and class 10) and go to the menu to start the 'update' process (which will create an xml file and a Garmin folder on the SD card). The xml file is useful for debugging and any support issues you might have in the future with Garmin/Suzuki.
    2. Bring the SD card to a computer and use the Garmin updater tool ( to get the latest firmware on the card.
    3. Keep that spare SD card in the car somewhere and also keep a copy of the contents of that card on the computer.

    This way you'll never have to panic if your unit gets into this state in the middle of a long road trip. You can simply pop in your SD card which is already setup with folders and firmware and get your unit up and running again. Furthermore, you'll never have the situation where you can't access the SD card update function to prep your SD card when the unit is bricked.

    Hopefully my unit was only suffering from a software issue and is now good to go, but will post back here if there is an issue.
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    2013 SX4 Tech AWD Crossover - 6MT - Boost Blue

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    Same issue. And as an awesome aside — same car! '13 Techs are rare enough, but Boost Blue sticks are basically nonexistent. I found another one! Awesome!

    Going to try these steps tomorrow. Appreciate the help. Never seen it bootloop this badly before.

    Some months ago, I received a campaign letter from Suzuki about this issue offering replacement for defective head units. Magically, that campaign has vanished from the website and the dealer can't find it. Sigh.

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    Did you have any luck, highmileage?

    I got my hopes up seeing very similar problems solved with this method, but no such luck for me. (Suzuki Swift, not SX4, but I found this thread looking for solutions)

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