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Thread: A couple people missing and a new forum rule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brumbie13 View Post
    From now on, posts can only be edited up to 1 day after they have been posted.
    After 1 day has passed, the option to edit a post will be taken away from a post.

    Users can still delete their posts any time after they have been posted. (Note that these posts, while invisible to other users, are still able to be seen by Administrators and Moderators)

    Thank you,
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    Hmmm, I don't see any way to delete? I think it was only available under the edit tab.
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    Firstly been a-while I have been active on the forum. Enjoying every Post of the moment. It has been a delight how warm welcoming intellectual everyone is on the Forum (big-> exception or probably I am not able to get the same frequency. No offence). I myself co-own an automotive community named Turbos and Pistonz and forum of the same ( more on the Technical side though ) . The Moderation Rules loved them, counter-measuring and making things more acceptable.

    Loved the statement once you post it on the Forum the information is of the Owner too. <-- Killer Statement

    Will work chronologically

    Quote Originally Posted by Die trying View Post
    sucks for me, I am constantly finding typos and spelling errors in my posts. I guess I have to actually read my posts before I put them up.

    P.S-> I am from the generation, didn't meet the vet I am sure the ones that are still here will pass on the knowledge learnt from them. ( see still editing )

    What bothers me most is that we will never know why they left and if we could have done anything to prevent it.

    Hey brumbie can you fix the thing that causes words to duplicate? look at the double "actually" ^^^
    @Die Trying Same here constantly Finding Typos/Spelling errors and touchpad cursor movement typo

    Quote Originally Posted by TRS View Post
    Be forewarned: Once you post something, anything, on the internet the probability of you being able to make it completely disappear is near zilch. It may be harder to find, but it's highly likely that the original information has been saved, archived, stored somewhere out there and can be tracked down.

    You might want to consider the advice below that I came across...

    "1. When in doubt, don't post it. If there's even a question in your mind about the prudence of posting something, don't do it. Err in favor of caution.

    2. Assume that everything that you write is read by everyone in your life. Don't think for a moment that your name is Google-proof or that your pseudonym will never be discovered.

    3. Assume that everything that you write will eventually be read by your children. What you write isn't just read by the people in your life at present, but by everyone that you will ever meet for the rest of your life and afterwards.

    The Internet has a permanent memory. Act accordingly."
    @TRS Words of Wisdom \m/
    btw do you know their is a cable standard by the same name, stumbled upon the intel when I was re-searching

    Quote Originally Posted by Cameron View Post
    If you go to, commonly known as The Wayback Machine, you may be able to extract the info you need. They have the old site archived there.
    aah Thanks for the info
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    That was good info regarding forum rules/ etiquette. From my newbie perspective, it seems like a tight-knit suzuki-loving community which I am stoked to be a part of. I agree with being aware of anything you ever post online, cuz it can come back to haunt you.

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    It really is a good group. Many of us have been here for 4+ years. Several have moved on past their SX4's, and stick around just for the friendship.
    At this point, there is very little moderating that we do here. A lot of the troublemakers have come and gone, and we're left with a great core of individuals.
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    hi, i'm new here. nice to meet you all.

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