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Thread: Swift Sport 2016 - factory Turbo + AWD!

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    Swift Sport 2016 - factory Turbo + AWD!

    Quite likely the next Suzuki Swift will get a new 1.4L Turbo engine (BoosterJet), said to develop about 140 PS, combined with an AWD system.
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    Nice find. Glad Suzuki is keeping up with the competition. I find the concept looks really good.
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    why can't we get these....Damn shame

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    Nice have always liked Suzuki hatches, Yea think they will come back to North America at any point?

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    They should. All these 4 door trucks will be stationary if there is some interruption in the gasoline supply. Not to get too political but we would not have to import any oil except maybe from Mexico if we were smarter. The Mazda 2 and Mitsubishi Mirage will not be sold here in 2016.
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