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Thread: Airbag scanner

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    Any update regarding your problem? Just curious here if SZ Viewer is worth using.

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    SZ Viewer is free so it is worth trying. My issue hasn't changed. I was hoping others would be able to provide some assistance.
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    Following the discussion here, I've ordered an ELM327 v1.5. (not here yet) What is the relation with the SZ viewer ? Can you just use the software (CD) that comes with the ELM327 ?
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    Any generic software that comes bundled with an OBD scanner is able to read SOME parameters and clear SOME fault codes. But SZ Viewer has been developed by reverse engineering and analysis of precisely Suzuki protocols, therefore it is able to access much more parameters (4x4 system, SRS, ABS, ESP, HVAC). On the other hand, this is also the reason why it's pretty useless on OTHER car brands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LDuran View Post
    SZ Viewer did end up clearing my code, but it came right back. I can actually see it turn off and then seconds later, it comes back. I purchased the reader below from Amazon. Has anyone had this happen before? I don't want to spend a lot, so I may have to drive it like that for a while.
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    Those resistor values are so low (0.000 - 0.235 ohm, as opposed to 2 - 3 ohm normal values) that one would think there's a short in the wiring. However, there'a a very slim chance for ALL the wiring to be shorted at once, which suggests there's a problem with the measuring block in the airbag module.

    Please read this nice article on the net regarding Code B1342. A few quotes:
    OBD II fault code B1342 is most commonly defined as “ECU (Electronic Control Unit) has failed”, or sometimes as “GEM (Generic Control Module) has failed”. Note that there are other definitions with slightly different wording but regardless of the actual wording of the definition, this code refers to the failure of one or more control modules, as opposed to a general failure of, or in, the CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) wiring.
    On some applications, many functions that do not affect engine/fuel/transmission management are performed/monitored/executed by the PCM, while on others, a generic electronic control module oversees/manages/controls all functions that do not involve engine and fuel management. While the end result, which is the management of all electronic and control functions is the same in all cases, the practical aspects of diagnosing and repairing code B1342 depends entirely on whether any given application is fitted with a generic control module or a centrally located PCM.
    Control modules that are covered by code B1342 vary between applications, but the most common modules include the following-

    • ABS
    • Air bags
    • Ignition
    • Electronic power steering

    Note that the above list includes only modules that affect safety and driveability. Some applications can have as many as 18 or more modules that control anything from power window operation to seat adjustment to navigation and infotainment systems. The actual number of control modules on any given application depends on the make and model, but code B1342 generally applies to all body control issues on all applications.


    Code B1342 rarely causes serious driveability issues, although the loss of power assistance to the steering, or the ABS function on brake systems can make driving some vehicles dangerous in some conditions. Also, note that where SRS (airbag) controllers and sensors are involved, the airbags may not deploy in a crash, or the airbags may deploy unexpectedly even if the vehicle is not involved in a crash.
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    Thanks for your response. Luckily, I have not had any other issues until now. The car just passed 50k miles. Car drives fine, just has the light on.
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