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Thread: a joke/storry that made me laugh today

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidMcC View Post
    The Rabbit replies "I think I'm a Type-O."
    Reader's Digest! I just read that one in the bathroom!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidMcC View Post
    He was an avid fisherman. He had tried every type except ice fishing.
    He bought books, looked on the 'net and got exactly the right gear.
    He goes out on the lake, sets up his gear, makes the proper size hole, drops
    his line,
    and waits .....

    Six hours later all he has caught is a cold.
    He watches a little boy walk out on the lake, bang a hole in the ice with an
    old hammer,
    take out a stick, a piece of string and a safety pin drop his line and pull
    up a fish.
    And another fish, and another...

    Within ten minutes the kid has a pile of fish. The fisherman goes over to
    "I've been out here all day with the proper equipment and haven't caught
    anything, but you have a pile of fish. How do you do it?"

    The kid replies "Moo mafta meep mor mirms morm!"

    "I beg your pardon?"

    (The kid spits the contents of his mouth into his hand)
    "You have to keep your worms warm!"
    Reminds me of the Bible story with the fishers of men

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