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Thread: Water pump dismount & install

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    Water pump dismount & install

    Hi all,

    Just changed the water pump of my SX4 during December holiday 2014.
    There is NO needs to remove the front bumper. But it needs to remove the under plastic cover and the side plastic cover too.
    The most headache is to remove the exhaust manifold. The rest will be ok with the help of proper tools.

    Attached please find the link about the pdf of the photos and the procedures. Hope this can help.


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    Great job...thx.
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    Hi CF7,

    FYI, there is some thread in other webpage mentioned about method without removing the exhaust manifold.
    It said "remove the heat shield, and remove thermostat housing and hose,
    And remove the cooling fan, remove and shift some of the A/C stuff, then have room to remove the water pump."

    Wish he had post photos for us to reference.

    Thanks everyone in chipping in.

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    Great material thank you. Looks like you put a lot of work into this. I was going through preventative maintenance checklist and even though Water Pump is technically an RTF item, it's good to know I have a path to victory if the pump starts leaking.
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    A note for the future. The OP didn't list his YEAR but IIUC the photos show an early J20A engine, not a later J20B engine.
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    Hey Dennis, good timing. Any info on a J20B water pump replacement guide lurking out there anywhere?

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