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Thread: Facebook and twitter pages!

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    Facebook and twitter pages!

    Hey Everyone,

    As many of you know, given how many people have started following the Club SX4 Facebook page over the past couple of weeks, I have a Club SX4 Facebook page. I also just started a Twitter account. I have not been a regular user of Twitter, so I am looking forward to trying something new. I hope all of you with Twitter accounts will follow the site and show me the ropes!

    Here is where you can find them both:

    I am going to be more active on these sites. I really thought our site would dwindle when Suzuki left NA, but we still have a great, strong online community and I would like to have an increased web presence.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Cool! well done!
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    Hi Brumbie,

    I have shared your facebook page on the Suzuki SX4 World Club facebook page. There are around 250 members from all around, also re-posted a quick reminder of the existence of the clubsx4 forum. I hope to see new faces here and on your facebook page!

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