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Thread: Youtube SX4 DIY videos

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    Another great video by volvosweeden, "Suzuki SX4 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement 2.0L J20":
    2008 sx4 awd auto hatch touring

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    Quote Originally Posted by CF7 View Post
    he has a video on control arm changing too.

    NOOOO!!!! This video is wrong. With a lot of trouble and effort, he removed the large captive nut that is NOT meant to be removed; just remove the 17mm bolt from below. I broke two breaker bars and bent a wrench following his method. The nut is welded in place. Arrrgh!!!!! I wish I would have read the comments section first (lesson learned).

    On the bright side, I found that Lowe's "no hassle" warranty on their Kobalt line of tools is indeed no hassle. They replaced my breaker bar with no questions asked. Nice.
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    Changing Oil pressure sensor leaking oil

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