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This is interesting so I had to check for myself... Although I don't see 350z listed as a cross reference I did find that a lot of Nissan's are interchangeable for the front pads. Check out RockAuto and click on the product part numbers for a cross reference list. (edit: missed where you commented and said you were looking on RA already)

I had a 2001 Sentra and happen to have a near new set of Axxis pads sitting in my garage that were on it before I went with 4 pot Brembo's. Next time I have the front wheels off the sx4 I will have to see if they do in fact fit. Good find!


Edit: just noticed your comment on another thread about removing your seats and then realized who you were, lol. Didn't know your screen name on here.

Haha yep, that's me.

Yeah, it seems many pads are compatible, but it seems some for certain Nissan's might not come with the proper clips or shims, although the pad is the correct shape.
I see some front pad part numbers are same for multiple cars, but the SX4 adds an "a" to the end of the Nissan number.

Rears are same as same year civics and some s2000.