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    Search Function

    I have trouble with forum search utility.
    it always return "nothing found."
    end up using google.
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    Google became the most popular search engine for a reason. I have always resorted to using Google to search this site because I can always find the information I need. The most effective way to search this site is to go to and use the search term " [SEARCH ITEM]". As an example if you want to know the lug nut torque search for " lug nut torque" and the first result from Google has the answer in the first post.

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    Me too.
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    Forum script searches are always very picky on how you write the search term. Even adding a space after the word can make your search item come as 0. Also a 3 letter word like "TPS" or "rod" are usually not found nor searched because is the limits of min. characters. The best way is as Schultzey stated to use Google to find anything on the site. It's a little difficult to find things using the forum search when most auto terms have a three letter acronym or are just three letter words lol.
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    A quick search reveals that Google search integration in vBulletin should be pretty painless...
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