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Thread: Who will see the Vitara badge reborn?

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    Great pics! Can you tell us your impressions about the car? What you like and dislike about it?

    I have checked the local dealer's web site today and was pleasantly surprised by the prices. Vitara S (with 1.4 DI turbo engine) at top trim is around 21K EUR. It starts at 17K already well equipped.
    With 138 BHP, 220 Nm of torque at 1.500 - 4.400 RPM and less than 1200 kg it must be fast as a rocket and very responsive at low RPM. If I didn't love my SX4 that much I would probably have serious thoughts about new Vitara S.
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    We currently own a 2012 Grand Vitara 2.4 SZ5, 2015 Jimny SZ4, 2003 Carry 4wd pick up and of course the Vitara

    I have never owned an SX4 but have always enjoyed reading about them here, I was quite interested in the the S-Cross but then the Vitara was released and my decision was made

    The GV was my main vehicle before the Vitara but they are totally different vehicles, the Vitara replaced the GV in the UK but I don't think it was a wise decision as the GV has many qualities the Vitara does not and likewise the Vitara has qualities the GV lacks

    The Vitara is certainly comfortable, has great MPG and from my trip in Iceland the 4wd is great in the snow and ice, I need to try my Vitara off road here in the UK now it is fitted with the Yokohama's to compare it to the GV (also on Yokohama's) but I am quite certain the only downside to the Vitara will be it's lack of low range for climbing although it does have Hill Descent for downhill off road

    I ordered my Vitara early in 2015 and due to the success there was a 6 month waiting list , then a month after delivery the 1.4 Turbo S was released, I have yet to try the 1.4 but the 1.6 in "Sport" mode is quick enough on the UK roads, I have had a 660cc Turbo Jimny from Japan with no problems so hopefully the 1.4 Vitara will be as reliable unlike some European Turbo cars

    I'm sure the Vitara/S-Cross owe more to the SX4 rather than the Grand Vitara so I am sure it will be a great next vehicle after the SX4, in the UK dealers are questioning the future of the S-Cross as many customers are just heading straight for the Vitara and walking past the S-Cross

    The prices are very competitive and a very high specification and of course Suzuki's excellent reliability


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    Was in Argentina and Chile last dECEMBER...SAW A LOT OF suZUKI'S , specially surprised with 3 door (2+hatch) Gran Vitaras

    this one in PUnta Arenas, CHile
    I did not see any of the new model, though...but maybe I simply did not recognise it....
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    2011 sx4 JX AWD CVT 33000km(Jan19) Also drives 2015 KIA Sorento AWD 2.4

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