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    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules


    Welcome to, a community of Suzuki SX4 enthusiasts and owners. We are always looking to expand our community to SX4 owners the world over and encourage open discussion about the Suzuki SX4 and even a few off topic subjects. We have a staff of moderators here to assist the community and help it grow. Moderators help to ensure that the forum is enjoyable for all users, and that all users feel welcome, comfortable, and inclined come back as often as possible. We have a set of easy to follow rules in place to make a fun and exciting place for all to visit. If you have a question or concern about the rules contact one of our moderators who will be happy to assist you.

    General Rules:

    1. Be civil. This is a simple enough rule to follow. Don’t curse at each other, make false claims against each other, or directly attack a person’s character or race. Be patient with other members, and don’t harass them with overly pushy questions or demands.

    2. Use the Search function. Seriously, use it; it will tell you so much. So many questions have been answered already that you will find a large amount of data by a simple search. If at first your question is not answered then either expand or simplify it.

    Good Search: sri AND cai
    Bad Search: Is the CAI or SRI better

    If you start a new topic, please link to an old thread or reference the search results. We don’t mind if you ask for more info or clarification as long as you don’t dig up a 2 month old thread.

    3. Do Not Spam. What is spam you ask? Spam is simply the posting of irrelevancies. It is either a new topic that has absolutely no discussion potential, or a reply which attempts to deny a thread of it's own discussion potential.

    4. You are allowed to create one account per person. If you are caught with more than one account, both accounts will be banned.

    5. Trolling will not be tolerated and offenders will be subject to a ban. Trolling is purposely starting an argument just for the sake or having an argument, or trying to piss off others for your own enjoyment. This is a community forum to help SX4 owners, not your personal therapy forum or hate journal.

    6. Do not use CAPS LOCK for a full post. It is ok to highlight a small section of your post or a link, but not the whole thing. If you use CAPS LOCK in your entire post we will ask for you to edit the post, or a moderator will do it for you; we may even delete it. It is considered shouting and in many places rude. Don’t have a thread title in all caps either, unless it is an important announcement by the Moderators.

    7. Refrain from angry posts. Everyone has done it, and it will happen again. We just ask that you try to avoid it, ignore and report trolls or abuse. Don’t fire back at them, it is what the internet tough guy in his mom’s basement is looking for.

    8. Let topics die. Sometimes after a few days, weeks, or months a particular topics dies or is no longer relevant. The moderators try to leave it to the community to move on, but sometimes we will step in and close the topic once issues have been resolved. Also don’t bump old topics from many weeks or months ago, it can be distracting for users to sift through all the old posts to help you.

    9. Use the off topic area provided for any off topic discussion you would like. Some things like porn or extreme violence are not allowed. Hate speech and illegal activity will be removed immediately and the user/s banned.

    10. Enjoy yourself. We like to emphasize that this forum is a community of people who want to enjoy the SX4 and life in general. Don’t be overly negative. Don’t bash heavily on other people’s likes or ideas. Always try to think about what you say and how it will affect others.

    11. Our moderators are not "referees". We're here to keep Club SX4 a friendly, informative and fun environment, not to ensure "overly vigorous" debates are fought out evenly. If a thread or user has gotten out of hand, report it to the moderation team using the 'report post' feature (). If your response to the user is in clear violation of the the rules of this website, you may receive a warning or infraction -- even though you feel "the other guy started it first". This is very important and helps maintain a healthy environment here at

    Rules Regarding Vendors:

    1. is an independent website from Suzuki and any other vendor. Suzuki and its representatives as well as other vendors are welcome and encouraged to participate. It will only benefit the users and company involved.

    2. We have an area dedicated to vendors to sell goods. We need all vendors to post when they start selling or if there is new product in the Vendors Classified forum.

    3. Discussion about the performance or installation of a product may go in the appropriate forums. If you would like to talk tech details and ratings then you may do so in the specified forums, but solicitation of selling will be done in classifieds.

    4. Do not attack the use or ability of a product before it is released or you have personally tried it. If X company says that they have a new Y product, don’t say that Y product is useless or that X company is a rip off. It is slander and liable, we are trying to get any company big or small to help us out in furthering product development. Give Bob’s Homebrew Performance as much as a chance as Greddy.

    5. If you are a vendor, do not attack another vendors products. You can be sued if you make baseless claims about the performance or quality of a product. We require that even our regular users give hard proof on positive and negative reports of a product.

    6. No moderator or administrator is on any vendor’s payroll. If you suggest it your post will be deleted as slander, if you do it again we may ban you. When PunkSmurph test fit the SRI for his intake he purchased it just like everyone else.

    7. We understand when vendors will donate the test or first product when someone donates their car as a tester. This is industry common practice. Don’t complain when it happens, you may not be given a chance by another vendor later on.

    8. No excessive bumping of your product thread in the classifieds to get on top of the competitions thread. Limits of 2 bumps a day. Any more will be considered spamming and not tolerated, we will delete your post.


    Moderators are here to help out the community and its users. We will help users out with issues and concerns as well as provide guidance and clarification of rules. We will not do as you ask because you asked. Individual moderators make some decisions; some are discussed by use before action is taken. We have the final say in disputes and all parties involved will be talked to about it and all may be punished. The moderator’s primary job is to keep the environment at Club SX4 healthy and fun.

    Thank you for your time, Staff
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    It is
    legitimate to compare my Suzuki SX4 to a Ferrari; Italian Designed, Superb engineering, and she burnt to the ground in a blaze of oil and carbon fiber glory.

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