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Thread: Say it ain't so: Suzuki to pull out from Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Canada

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    Say it ain't so: Suzuki to pull out from Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Canada

    I just read from the Suzuki communication published today that it will be pulling out from PR, Canada and Hawaii. Have any of our Canadian friends heard/read anything giving credit to that statement? It appeared on a Suzuki press release.

    They have been studying the viability of continuing on this market and they have decidedly pulled out of PR, Hawaii and apparently Canada.
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    US market driven the business in that area. No shipments to the US, no shipments elsewhere there, I guess.
    Sad but understandable.
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    Sorry guys, seemed inevitable though. Sad day
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    I confirm for Canada. sorry the link is in french it's not the the english part yet

    we were told the news just before the press release this morning. from what I understood we will sell 2014 models then we'll have to service these cars for several years.
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    Sad day, but inevitable unless these were top selling cars I am CA. And honestly, I rarely see suzuki with Canadian plates in NY, and considering the Adirondacks are Quebecs national park to the south ((20% of ADK park visitation is Canadian,25% of trail work is done by Canadians, I see a lot of Canadian cars, none are Suzuki)
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    What about South America?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete the Pirate View Post
    What about South America?
    They will continue to foment their distribution throughout the Carribean and South America.
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    My stealership already changed over to Mitsubishi a while back. I tried to get a black touch up pen from them for my SX4, but they were all out... I don't like Mitsubishis.
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    Yup. I suppose those markets sold U.S. Specification vehicles. Here's the English version:

    SCI to discontinue new automobile sales in Canada
    SCI to protect consumers and continue to fully honour all product warranties
    Richmond Hill, ON (March 26, 2013) – Suzuki Canada Inc. (“SCI”) is announcing today that it will
    realign its business operations to focus on the long-term growth of its Motorcycle, ATV & Marine
    Division in Canada and will begin the process of transitioning out of the automobile business in
    Canada. Earlier this year Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan (“SMC”) confirmed the production and
    supply of 2014 model year automobiles to SCI, and this decision will remain in effect. Today’s
    announcement follows SMC’s recent decision that, after its 2014 model year, it will discontinue
    production of new automobiles for Canada.
    Last November 5, 2012, American Suzuki Motor Corporation (“ASMC”) announced its decision to
    focus its operations on the long-term growth of its Motorcycle, ATV & Marine Divisions and
    discontinue new automobile sales in the continental U.S. Since then, SMC and SCI have been
    monitoring market conditions carefully and, after reviewing the long-term viability of automotive
    production for Canada, SMC concluded that it was no longer feasible for it to produce automobiles for
    distribution and sale in the Canadian market.
    SCI remains firmly committed to its Motorcycle, ATV & Marine Division which is competitively
    positioned in Canada and will become the focus of SCI’s operations once the realignment is complete.
    SCI remains very proud of its high quality motorcycle, ATV and marine products and will continue to
    bring to the Canadian market more of the excellent products that its customers have come to know
    and expect.
    An Orderly Transition Process to Best Serve Customers and Stakeholders
    SCI has a long history of standing by its products, which it will carry on through and after its
    realignment process. All of SCI’s warranties will be honoured and SCI automobile parts and service
    will continue to be provided to customers without interruption through SCI’s warranty and service
    dealer network.
    SCI will be working with its current automotive dealers to effect a smooth transition from new
    automobile sales to exclusively warranty and service operations. To best ensure an orderly transition,
    SCI will provide all of its automotive dealers with at least 12 months within which to make the
    transition. SCI will continue to import and distribute new automobiles during this transitional period to
    meet the continued demand of its dealers and customers.
    SCI is not entering into court-supervised restructuring in Canada. SCI’s financial and contractual
    commitments will be honoured through and following the transition.
    Media Contacts
    Bill Porter, SVP, Automotive Sales & Marketing, Suzuki Canada Inc

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    Seen this coming, but as long as the parts are there, what do I care. I plan on keeping the car a long time. No worries here.

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