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Thread: sx4 engine swap 2.4?

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    sx4 engine swap 2.4?

    could you swap a kizashi engine in to one?

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    Of course. With enough money you can do almost anything.
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    as in motor mounts would they match up ? has any one looked in to it?

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    Well they're both "b" block motors so it's a possibility. I'd love the 2.4's power but I'd imagine it's upset the balance quite a bit.
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    I might delve into transforming the J20A into a J24frankenstein eventually.... if I don't swap my car for a Forester. Its more probable that the internals fit our J20 engines than the engine block fits the chassis.

    If I don't spend the money on a new seat and coil-overs I will start work on the top-end soon: over-sized valves, cams, port, polish, tuned intake manifold, larger throttle-body, aluminum CAI
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    thats right, I have a link to the old forums and my sig is on the right. you have a prob with that?

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    It "should" mount up as long as you are going from a j20b to a j24b. Engine management might need to be a custom job though. I don't think the weight would be significantly different if it follows the trend of j series engines using the same blocks and heads across the board with only a few exceptions. When I win the lottery I will do a swap myself.
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    im thinking of trying should be fine with the kizashi ecu should plug rite in. would the trany bolt up?

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    Why not throw the whole tranny and engine with the ECU and harness in. That would make a huge improvement over the 2.0 in there now. Then stick a turbo on the 2.4 and you might have something there.

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    i have a manual awd so tranny wouldnt work and wireing i would think would be the same as the kizashi so im thinking only ecu.

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    if you've never swapped any engine in a car I would advise you against it. even a simple engine swap like a civic or a v8 in an s-10 is a lot of work when others have done it.
    I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too hard to match the kisashi ecu to the sx4 wiring or mount the engine, although as far as bolt-in I can't say anything on that.

    I want to stress the point of the swap itself, don't jump in that if you don't have experience in other swaps or a good chunk of cash piled up for this, it won't be cheap for sure.
    It might open up doors for others should you attempt it and it ends up being pretty easy.

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