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Thread: manual transmission oil change...

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    manual transmission oil change...

    My car has 25000 kms and the dealer is asking me if I would like to change transmission oil... ( 2010 m6 sx4 sport sedan)

    My manual says for canadian users:

    normal condition: level inspection at 50 000km or change if non-suzuki transmission oil... and change it at 150 000 clicks...

    Heavy condition : level inspection at 25 000km or change if non-suzuki transmission oil... ( I don't get it, my car was new from the dealer) and replacement recommanded at 75 000 kms

    I'd personnally wait till 50 000 kms but feel unsure...

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    i'd go with 50 000 too. my 09 schedule says change every 25 000 in heavy uses, no level checks or anything. maybe suzuki changed their oils in 2010 with the new 6 speed.

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    If I had to do it all over again, I would have changed my manual oil after 5K miles with a high grade synthetic. It will feel better and protect the delicate synchros.

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    ontario canada

    gear oil

    The dealer changed my 6 speed trans gear oil at 25000 km. After reading about the GL4 GL5 dispute, I decided not to take any chances and changed to Amsoil MTG full syntheic GL4 gear oil. It works well and the 6 speed shifts very smoothly!!

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    I put Redline synthetic in my 2011 six speed, because I wanted a synthetic for winter driving, and I could not find an Amsoil that was close to Suzuki's specifications. Shifting improved: smoother.

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