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Thread: Your Most recent Purchase goes here. PICS REQUIRED.

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    Jul 2015
    I traded in the trusty SX4 and picked up a 2017 Toyota 86 with the six speed manual.

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    For my SRT-6: an Odyssey Performance battery
    For my SX4: Headlight Armor GT yellow fog light overlays
    For me: a Jessica Jones Funko POP!
    '07 SX4 AWD
    '05 Crossfire SRT-6
    IG --> @osshwa

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    Nov 2016
    Toronto, Canada
    No more lifting up my cars the conventional way: online sells them and delivers right to the house, also cost less than the US advertised price in the link and in Canadian dollars.

    Corsa axle back and Lethal OTA pipes for the Shelby. Stock axle pipes have kinks and pinched tubing the Lethal pipes are mandrel bent and flows better, the Corsa axle backs are a work of art.

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    Nov 2016
    Toronto, Canada
    After X'mas toys:

    Milwaukee M12 stubby impact wrench 1/2" drive

    This thing packs major wrenching power for its size, perfect for quick wheel changes and feels light in your hands.

    Z06 needed new tires this year and I wanted a change in wheels so I bought 4 Michelin PS4s tires and Forgeline wheels. I was going to spend major coin on a new set but ended up finding a guy with a ZR1 selling his set for a wicked price so I snapped it up. They had scratches and stuff on the lip and center so I sent them out for a refinishing and got them back looking brand new for near half the price of a new set.

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    I've purchased a new hair dryer at last... The old one was broken due to my nasty dog that just chewed the cord... Luckily, it was not turned on
    It's a Babyliss PRO blowdryer and that thing is definitely better than the old one. At least it has a good heating temperature regulator. Found the recommendation on this blog for those who are interested:

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    Helium balloons near me.jpg I have recently purchased a Helium gas cylinder from Balloonee to decorate our family function with balloons. Good product thank you very much balloonee for providing such a good one, the helium cylinder helps me to fill helium balloons faster and that helps me to saves more time. Visit this link for more details
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