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Thread: Tire reviews - sticky?

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    My wife has just put some 225/40/18 Pirelli P1's on her 2008 SX4. It also has H&R lowered springs.

    She is trying very hard to find the limits of grip

    Next stop rear sway bar

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    My stock Bridgestone Turanzas on my 2014 SX4 lasted 49,000 miles (yes, I know; I have gotten older, and drive more conservatively) before I replaced them with stock sized General Altimax RT43's. These were the best tires I have ever owned. Great handling on wet or dry corners, and with a lot of freeway miles, I finally replaced them after 72,000 miles. I spent less than $400 on a second set of General Altimax RT43's at
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    I sold my 2007 SX4 and replaced it with a 2012 SX4!

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    205/55R 17 Dunlop SP Sport FM800. Fantastic in the wet, great turn in, quiet, fuel efficient. Highly recommended

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    Summer sticky tires???? Best bang for the buck and if you want to change out wheels to wider ones and larger size Firestone Firehawk Indy500 hands down.

    Not too pricey, way overkill for a SX4 but makes the car handle great and also has wet traction also. I run 245/45/17 size on 8" wide Konig Ultraform wheels at all 4 corners.

    For the other 3 seasons I mount up Toyo Celsius all weather tires in the factory size but I use steel Mazda 3 wheels since they are slightly wider (6.5" vs. 6") and they do a decent job in wet weather and icy/snowy roads.

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    Last month, I put Continental ContiProContact's on my SX4. So far, I'm quite impressed with their grip, especially in dry roads. I don’t drive aggressively but I can say that their wet performance is acceptable. These continental tires provide a smooth ride and low road noise.

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