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Thread: Sawp of 2009 with the 2010 instrument cluster

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    Sawp of 2009 with the 2010 instrument cluster

    Has anybody tried swapping the old, pre-2010 models instrument cluster with the new one with the incorporated info/data display?

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    A major project, I'd think. The old cluster is electronically governed by a single umbilical connector, and the same is likely true of the new one. If so, the new cluster would require a new or modified umbilical, with all the wiring and source component issues that that would entail. AWD and ESP may have bearing, as would the type of transmission.

    I'd consult a Suzuki tech about the full and actual scope of the job.
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    I just ordered new cluster (2010) and it looks like it goes trough the same connector.
    I’ll try to fit it on my 2006.

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