I really wanted a car with a sunroof... looked at so many Subaru Foresters but they're overvalued and require engine rebuilds. also I like a stiff, responsive ride. drove an automatic SX4 and wasn't displeased, overall. drove a manual and knew it was a great car. I like to head to unimproved roads in the mountains several times a year, and loathe the idea of getting stranded.
it wasn't long before I noticed how extremely similar my new 2011 SX4 was to my old 1986 and 1985 Toyota Tercel SR5 manual.

anyone else had a car before their SX4 that was concerning similar? 😅

Not only is this car the same color blue as my outback and last tercel, but this also has just part time 4 wheel drive, is tall and boxy but with style, etc I tc.

dissimilarities: the Tercel got much better mileage, had a significantly superior turning radius, and I didn't find myself driving so fast at city speeds 😋