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Thread: SX4 Lift Question

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    SX4 Lift Question

    Morning -

    New member here, as my girl has an older SX4 which she just can't part with. I'm trying to help her out, long distance, and could use a bit of guidance. I'm in the US and she's currently in Mexico City for work.

    She'd ordered the RR lift kit and had a local dealership in MX do the install. Looking at the photos, it almost looks like they did nothing to the front end. I found a pic from an older thread where a guy did the RR install (same wheel and tire combo) and his front height looks proper....whereas her front looks almost untouched. I initially thought the rears were installed incorrectly until she sent a full side profile pic. Thoughts from anyone? I've contacted RR as well and am waiting to hear back. Sucks trying to get this done from so far away....

    The silver one is hers. I drew that line along the body panel and the front most definitely seems to be the issue....rears seem comparable.

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    I'm going to guess they didn't put the front kit on.
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    I recommend filling the fuel tank.
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    Does not look right, it is a spacer lift and not like adjustable shocks or something .... looks like front was not put on
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