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Thread: Goodby to my SX4s

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    Goodby to my SX4s

    So, after 11 and 10 great years with my SX4s, I've sold them both — 2012 SX4 Tech Manual & 2013 SX4 Tech Auto — to two brothers in the Midwest. They flew out to California to pick up both SX4s.

    I got the 2012 SX4 for myself, then bought the 2013 for my daughter, who later sold it back to me after leasing a Mercedes (bad move for her...).

    These two cars have served me well. 100,000+ miles each, of relatively trouble-free, economic commute and long-distance driving. Really just brake pads, tires, batteries, and meticulous maintenance. I did add all available OEM accessories, and later installed better head units and backup cameras, and a trailer hitch on the Manual. Otherwise, stock.

    It's regrettable Suzuki left the North American market. They had some good innovations and solid reliability, but the market was getting too crowded and unprofitable, and Suzuki failed to distinguish its automobiles like Subaru did, for example. The Kizashi was the last desperate attempt to gain traction in the North American market.

    So, this is my last posting, but I may check in 5, 10 years from now to see if the SX4 (re)gains a cult following...
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    As the proud new owner of the 2012, I have to thank you again. These were an absolute joy to drive halfway across the country. In the days after being home, I've found every excuse to hop in and run somewhere. These have been loved and cared for and it shows. This pic is from somewhere in Utah on I-70

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    Nice to see the sx4 remaining within the forum family.
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