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Thread: Driver side clunk noise

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    Driver side clunk noise

    2009 Suzuki SX4 auto fwd

    I diagnosed clunking noise on bumps were from bad ripped cv axles and control arm bushings, so Ive replaced them with brand spanking new ones. Noise still linger after cv axle and control arms replacement. Ive checked all other and bushings are good. What is the culprit? Bad shocks or bad bearing? Bearings would have a grinding noise right? so you think it might be the shocks? Clunk noise only happens on rough or bumps. Going on onto the driveway etc.

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    Take a look at your sway bar bushings and end links.
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    Going to check on that after work. Thanks for the reply

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    Try checking your 4 coil springs. It might be broken. Mine did. You have to check it visually, not just running your fingers around it Two of them broke on the 10th year of ownership :-)
    And it is tricky. Clunking sound seems to originate from the front...but it was actually the rear coil spring that broke.

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