View Full Version : New Boots P205/60R16 91V SL Good Year Assurance Tripple Tread

February 10th, 2014, 10:54 AM
For ages I assumed that I would probably install Gabbers or something like them. Much thanks to all those who commented on theses tires.
Then I actually thought about it. Even though I desire to lift up my Zuki add skid plates and rock rails, extra lights and so forth it actually turns out that at this point in time increasing my off road capabilities really is not even close to practical. First, the Zuki still has 45000 K left on the power train warranty and I have no desire to 'knock out' my odometer and speedo. Second, it is my daily driver to and from work and my week end battle cruiser to and from the Whistler Bike Park and other 'local' Down Hill and Free Ride mountain bike parks such as Silverstar, Sun Peaks and the North Shore. Every time other, I end up riding in the Dodgeasauris Rex with the Dirt Bikes instead. So in other words the Zuki is a pavement 'princess'.

Instead I have opted for ultimate traction and road handling. I have chosen Good Year Assurance Triple Tread in stock size. These are a directional 'V' speed rated tire with three separate traction zones for dry, wet, and ice.

These boots are beyond a positive upgrade over the dreaded stock Turenza's. Instantly these tires dramatically changed the handling characteristics of my car. No longer when I enter in to a hard corner or aggressive lane change does the car exhibit any of it's known bad under steer or 'plowing' through an intersection. Now it just leans over and turns as if it was on rails. Don' get me wrong, I can still feel the back end pushing the front, but now the front has enough grip to fight back and actually turn. In the situations when the stock tires would loose traction and spin, these ones maybe spin about a quarter turn and 'grab', realy taking advantage of the AWD, and with a bit of a kick from the rear end the Zuki launches forward instead of wildly spinning it's wheels. Disappointingly no more 4 wheel burn outs through intersections! So far the only negative about these tires is the are a bit on the loud side, but a class D stereo fixes that!

Finlay after a week of cold dry weather (unheard of in Vancouver) it is raining again. Time to try these out in the wet!

February 10th, 2014, 12:29 PM
Congratulations on your purchase. Always wanted to try these even though I HATE big names in the tire industry. I always go for a stickier tire like a falken or a Bridgestone. Granted the turanzas are mellow, theyre not ment to be driven hard, theyre a good compromise of water,slush and light sand mud tire.

You guys probably dont have any snow (barely) or ice, but Id still would go for a xice or something during ''Winter''.

February 10th, 2014, 01:05 PM
Good tires for wet asphalt! Not so good for winter's ice and snow. A/T grabber are much better for snow and ice but kill your MPG and dont have much clearence when snow accumulates. I miss my marshal tires, they were wide and really slim best tires I had on my sx4 for Quebec winter.