View Full Version : Bought new tires today

Pete the Pirate
November 9th, 2013, 05:41 PM
The OEM Bridgestones had tread but were cracked around the rim and around the tread, inside and out. It is a 2008 built summer 2007. 6 years old, 33,000 miles. I chose BF Goodrich T/A's because I have had them on other cars. Light weight, stick good, quiet, decent price. I took the wheels off, cleaned off the antisieze, took out the center caps and took them to the shop. They came out with some small chips around the center hole which I touched up. Is there a way to keep the mounter or balancer cone from doing that next time? I think the center hole is smaller than their smallest cone. At least I did not get a broken stud and was able to put the antisieze back on the hubs.